A grocery lists app built for sharing!

  • Share shopping lists reliably with your spouse or family members. No failures to sync.
  • Create custom categories
  • Check items off a shared lists as if it were your own.
  • Group & sort items by department for faster shopping.

This is the best grocery lists app you're going to find!

Ben Warren - Founder

Stop constantly re-writing the same things on your grocery list...

Most people buy the same things over and over again at the grocery store. In the past, people would write things on a | piece of paper, go to the store, and scratch off each thing when they bought it. When they run out of each thing at home, | they would write it down again on a new sheet of paper. With SwiftLists, you just check items on when you need them and off | when you buy them, never having to re-write things!

Check items on/off
When you need something uncheck it - when you've bought something check it. Delete if you no longer want it on your list.
Share with your spouse
Lists shared with your spouse/friends are fully editable, and they always stay in sync. No more faulty, cumbersome syncing from other grocery apps!
It's free! You can't get much better than that!

Feature Highlights

The lists page
Make multiple lists

Most people buy different things at different stores. With SwiftLists you can make a specific listfor each store, and keep them all organized!

Send friend requests

Send / Accept friend requests and then share lists. Your spouse can shop for you and check things off yourlist as if she made the list herself. It will always stay in sync! Sharing lists is much more complicated in other grocery list apps. SwiftLists makes it easy! Use the Friends tab to manage your friend requsts and friend requests you have sent to others.

Sorting & Grouping

Sort by on first, off first, or alphabetically. You can also sort by groups, which helps you buy all the things you need while you are in each area of the store. Stop going back and forth wasting time becuase you forgot something. Assign categories when you create or edit items.

Share a list page
Offline Support

You can use SwiftLists with no internet, and it will sync with the server later when you have a connection again.

Turn Lists On or Off

Maybe you want to hide a list - just tap the eye to hide it from the main view. You can also delete a list by tapping the edit button.

Save Other Types of Lists

You can use SwiftLists to make other checklists also - like for a trip you're going on.

Manage Shared Lists

Under the 'Friends' tab, manage people with whom you share lists. Send/receive/accept friend requests. Once you are friends, you can share a list with one tap.
You an send an invite to someone's email inviting them to join SwiftLists and start sharing lists.

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