A grocery lists app that's easy to use

I couldn't find a grocery lists app that was easy to use and had the features I wanted like reorderable categories. So I built SwiftLists.

Ben Warren - Founder

Never re-write your grocery lists on paper or notepad apps again.

Check items on/off
When you need something uncheck it - when you've bought something check it.
Share with your spouse
Lists shared with your spouse are fully editable - always stay in sync.
It's completely free! I built this for myself other lists apps were too complicated for me.

Feature Highlights

Make multiple lists

Most people buy different things at different stores. With SwiftLists you can make a different list for every store.

Send friend requests

Send / Accept friend requests and then share lists. Your spouse can shop for you and check things off your list. It will always stay in sync! Sharing lists is much more complicated in other grocery list apps. SwiftLists makes it easy! Use the Friends tab to manage your friend requsts and friend requests you have sent to others.

Sorting & Re-ordering Categories

Tap the button and sort items by category - perhaps the most important feature of any grocery app. It groups all your shopping by department, so you don't have to hunt through your list or miss items.

You can also re-order categories on a per list basis - just drag and drop. You might like to buy your produce first, so you can drag it to the top. Custom catgories are coming soon!

Edit / Add Lists

Just type in the search box to create a new list. You can activate or deactivate a list so it won't show up in your feed anymore. Tap the paper plane to share a list. You can also share a list from the item edit page after tapping on a list from the hoem screen.

Save Recipe Lists

You can also use SwiftLists to create recipe lists - all the ingredients you need to make a particular dish.

Use it for Travel Lists

Most people have a checklist when they travel. SwiftLists can handle that too. It's a great travel list app!

Ready to try SwiftLists?

It'll make your grocery planning and shopping experience so much faster!

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