The best grocery app ever made!

  • Works instantly with or without internet - full functionality.
  • Sort your items by category, A-Z, and by on/off.
  • Make items disappear after being checked.
  • Creat custom categories & share list with friends.

You will love it, I promise!

Ben Warren - Founder

This is the simplest, most straightforward grocery app that's ever been made.

I wanted to manage my grocery lists (and other lists) and be able to share them and organize them. Using the best technology available, I created SwiftLists to be the ultimate list management tool. It's everything I've ever wanted in a lists app. It can do it all - grocery lists, travel lists, todo lists.

Check items on/off
Re-use your grocery lists - most people buy the same things over and over again, so with SwiftLists you don't have to keep re-writing things again and again.
Group Lists
SwiftLists is like GroupMe for lists, you can share a list with multiple people and they can all add things and check them off just like you would. Everything works seamlessly. You'll add and invite people and once you're friends with them, you can share a list with one tap.
Custom Categories
Your items are grouped into categories by default, but you can create any number of custom categories you would like yourself. Use these for grouping items.

Use Cases:

The lists page
Send a grocery list to your spouse

Your wife, friend, or family member can check things off your list as you edit.Syncing is automatic and stays up to date between all your friends.

Group Items by aisle

Shop how you want, group items based on what aisle they are on or what department they are in for faster shopping.Use default item categories or create your own.

Advanced Sorting

We let you sort items however you want, so we give you plenty of options. The entire bottom bar is full or sorting buttons, so you can access the items in the order that you like most.


Add notes to lists that will display in an accordian panel at the top. Use notes for instructions or additional information about the list for yourself or others if it is a shared list.

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