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  • Share todo-lists reliably with anyone - all you need is an email.
  • Our 'Friending' system makes sharing a list as easy as tapping a button!
  • Check off items from shared lists.
  • Use for goups - everybody can do something on the list until it's completed.

This is the best sharable to-do app you're going to find!

Ben Warren - Founder

Stop constantly re-writing the same things on your todo lists...

You often need a to-do list that can be re-used. For example, you have a certain number of chores that neeed to be done every week or every month. It's a waste of time to re-write those every week on a new sheet of paper. With SwiftLists, just check items on when you do them, and off when you need to do them again, never having to re-write things!

Check items on/off
When you complete a task, check it off. When you need to do it again, uncheck it.
Share with your spouse
Lists you share with your spouse, friends, or co-workers are fully editable, and they always stay in sync. No more faulty, cumbersome syncing from other to-do apps!
It's free! You can't get much better than that!

Use Cases:

The lists page
Send a checklist to your handyman

Make a checklist for travel items, chores, errands to run, items to bring on a trip, etc.Keep everyting organized!

Parties where everyone brings something

Each person can check off what they are bringing, and everyone else can see what's been checked off already.Great for pot-lucks, parties, or any group function.

Tasks for children

Keep track of you child's chores and see what's been checked off in real time. Add new jobs for them when you think of them.

Use it for groceries also

When you create your list, you can tap the Grocery group, and it will come with extra grouping feature.

Feature Highlights

The lists page
Make multiple to-do lists

Make a checklist for travel items, chores, errands to run, items to bring on a trip, etc.Keep everyting organized!

Group To-Do Lists With Multiple People

Sometimes you have a group of people that need to complete a number of tasks. Multiple people can complete items in your checklist, and everybody will instantly know what's been done and what hasn't.It will always stay in sync and everyone can monitor progress.

Send friend requests

Send / Accept friend requests and then share lists. You can only share lists with people you are friends with.Once you send a request, and your friend confirms, you can share a list with one tap!

Sorting & Grouping

Sort items by checked, unchecked, or alphabetically. Long lists really benefit from sorting.

Share a list page
Offline Support

You can use SwiftLists with no internet, and it will sync with the server later when you have a connection again.

Turn Lists On or Off

Maybe you want to hide a list - just tap the eye to hide it from the main view. You can also delete a list by tapping the edit button.

Save Other Types of Lists

You can use SwiftLists to make other checklists also - like for a trip you're going on.

Manage Shared Lists

Under the 'Friends' tab, manage people with whom you share lists. Send/receive/accept friend requests. Once you are friends, you can share a list with one tap.
You an send an invite to someone's email inviting them to join SwiftLists and start sharing lists.

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